Saturday, September 21, 2019

Nigerian author, Tunde Leye demands to know Lagos slogan during Sanwo-Olu's regime and he replies

Lol, come and see. A Nigerian author (by the way he is the same guy that marked his 5th wedding anniversary yesterday, using the coming to America theme), Tunde Leye has tweeted at the Lagos State Governor demanding to know what the Lagos slogan will be during his own tenure. And well,  the Governor replied him with an answer.

But before he replied, he also wanted to know if Mr Tunde was trolling him, so he first asked Trolling? (lol soji governor), then went on to reveal it will be known as;

''ÌGBÉGA ÈKÓ TI DI ÀJÙMÒŞE. We are building #ForAGreaterLagos together.''


  1. Social media politicians

  2. He bullies the government. Go and check his twitter page smh

  3. Looks like this man is desperately looking for recognition and relevance. Secondly must Lagos always have a new slongan, with every new government?? I would have thought that "EKO O NI BAJE" would suffice as a slogan and a prayer. God save the Queen, God bless America remains the same regardless of government. It should be about the country not about individuals. Nigeria unstable in all our ways. Hmmm just my thoughts.