Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Nigerian migrant shot in Libya over piece of bread

One of the stories told was that of a Nigerian migrant, who was shot in the leg by his jailer because he attempted to take a piece of bread.

Three persons accused of their torture and kidnap have been arrested by Italian police. Surprisingly they were not Libyans.

A 27-year old man from Guinea and two Egyptians, aged 24 and 26, were responsible.They were taken into custody in a detention centre in Messina, Sicily, after police gathered testimony against them from other migrants.

The arrested men had crossed the Mediterranean themselves, landing in Lampedusa before being transferred to Sicily.

Witnesses said the three ran a prisoners’ camp in a former military base in Zawyia in Libya, where those ready to attempt the perilous sea crossing were forcibly held until they could pay a ransom.

Those interviewed said they had been “beaten with sticks, rifle butts, rubber pipes, whipped or given electric shocks”, and had seen other prisoners die, police said.

They had also been refused water or medical attention for their wounds or for diseases contracted in the camp, they said.

Anyone unable to pay up was passed on to other traffickers “for sexual and/or work exploitation”, or was killed.

The testimonies were gathered from migrants spread in reception centres across Sicily and on the island of Lampedusa.


  1. Just because of bread. If only Nigeria was a better country

  2. Is it by force to travel out of nigeria