Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Upcoming Nigerian singer robbed and murdered by armed robbers using sniper

A young upcoming Nigerian singer, Superior Emmanuel's death has been announced by his older colleagues in the industry.

According to African China who first announced the news, 'Superior Emma was attacked by robber's on third mainland bridge, they robbed him, took his money, phones, forced him to drink the poisonous sniper and threw him inside the third mainland lagoon', the singer said..
He went on to explain saying; 'It was one gala seller that had pity on him, gave him clothes and rushed him to a hospital where he xplained what happened to him but he died shortly afterwards'.
Comedian, Oyinbo Princess also confirmed the news and spoke about how important the singer was to him. She said;

''I can't believe it, my heart is aching and heavy... Why? My boy @superioremma lost his life at the hands of armed robbers. If robbing him, taking his money and phones wasn't enough, they continued to enforce him to drink Sniper.

My God oooo, what is the world coming to?????? I'm lost for words, I am in shock. My persin, my gee, my day one. As you looked out for me na so the angels will now look out for you. RIP to a dear brother. My Nigerian people deserve to be safe and protected. The Government MUST stand up and do something. Enough is enough!!!''

Many people have being paying him tribute on his official instagram page. Too sad!