Monday, September 16, 2019

Video: Majek Fashek, not dead… manager speaks

Rain maker crooner, Majek Fashek is not dead. Rumours again went round over the weekend that the singer has passed on. In a fresh video, yesterday Sunday, September, 15th, his manager,
Uzoma Day Omenka, made a fresh video in front of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and assured his fans and lovers that the singer is still very much alive and even getting better.

He however emphasized that they still need money saying some people have donated, but the funds isn't enough.

He also distanced himself from those raising money online saying he knows nothing about it and any donation should be made through him. Watch the video HERE.


  1. When he was taking drugs 24/7 was he not warned

  2. May the divine healing from God locate him in Jesus name Amen. It hurts to see a loved one in this situation

  3. This one ke way no open eye is he still alive