Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Woman flees as sexagenarian lover dies during s.e.x

A yet-to-be identified woman is on the run after her sexagenarian lover, Raji Adio, died while they were allegedly making love in a room at the River Bank Hotel in the Ijora-Badia area of Lagos State.

Punch Metro gathered that the 60-year-old Adio, visited the hotel, located at No. 89 Gasikiya College Road, Ijora-Badia, in company with the fleeing woman and requested a room for a short-time rest.

After paying, the manager of the hotel, Williams Ekezie, released the key to one of the rooms, and when Adio and the woman had settled down, the manager left the premises to attend a morning devotion at the Revelation Church opposite the hotel.

It was learnt that a cleaner at the hotel, John Chuks, saw the woman running out of the room, but before he could alert his co-workers, she had disappeared.

When Punch correspondent visited the hotel, Williams said the woman escaped because Chuks, rushed to the church to inform him of what he saw instead of chasing after her.

The manager stated, “Both Adio and the woman were regular customers, so on the day of the incident, they both came around 8am to book a room for short-time rest. Immediately payment was made, I issued a receipt to Adio and gave him the key to one of the rooms. Afterwards, I left the reception to attend a morning devotion at a church opposite the hotel. Almost all members of staff of the hotel attend the devotion before business will commence for the day.

“As the devotion was going on, Chuks suddenly rushed to inform us that he suspected that something strange had happened because of the way a woman rushed out from one of the rooms and ran out of the hotel. We quickly chased after her, but it was too late.
After efforts to ascertain the woman’s whereabouts proved abortive, Chuks said the matter was reported at the Ijora-Badia Police Division and detectives were sent to investigate the matter.