Thursday, September 26, 2019

'World's most tattooed doctor' wants to challenge stereotypes in medical profession

When you think of a doctor, most of us think of a white coat and a stethescope. But Dr Sarah Gray - known as the world's most tattooed doctor - is determined to challenge this stereotype of the medical profession.

Aspiring surgeon Sarah, who works in Adelaide, Australia, is covered from head to toe in ink.

The 31-year-old is an aspiring orthopaedic surgeon and describes herself as the "most colourful" doctor on the wards.

And she insists that how she looks shouldn't affect on how people view her at work.

Dr Sarah is now determined to break down stereotypes about what a tradtional medic should look like.

She told Australian news show Sunrise : "If you're confident and competant at your job, it shouldn't really matter what you look like.

"I'm just trying to be an advocate for being your own person and still being able to work in the medical profession."

And her bright body art certainly hasn't held the young doctor back.