Thursday, September 5, 2019

Xenophobia: FFK corrects those saying MTN is a Nigerian business, list names of share holders

While many Nigerians have condemned the destruction of MTN properties and offices across the Nation in retaliating South Africa’s Xenophobic attacks, saying MTN is a Nigerian business, former minister, Fani Kayode has decided to educate them about who really has most share in MTN and listed out names of share holders and the percentage they hold.  He started his message like this;

For those who say MTN is a Nigerian business KNOW THIS:

MTN International holds approximately 70% of the shares.

The largest shareholders of MTN Nigeria and their stakes:

1. MTN International (Mauritius) Limited

Stake: 76.08%.
Worth: N1.68 trillion. (1/2)

2. Stanbic IBTC Assent Management Limited.

Stake: 9.64%
Worth: N213.7 billion

3. Victor Odili

Stake: 3.96%
Worth: N87.87 billion

4. Mobile Telephone network

Stake: 2.75%
Worth: N60.95 billion

5. Government Employees Pension Fund

Stake: 1.75%
Worth: N38.68 billion (2/3)

6. Pascal Dozie

Stake: 1.67%
Worth: N37.07 billion

7. Sani Mohammed Bello

Stake: 1.3%
Worth: N28.87 billion

8. Babatunde Folwawiyo

Stake: 1.07%
Worth: N23.83 billion

9. Gbenga Oyebode

Stake: 0.89%
Worth: N19.80 billion (3/4)

10. Mallam Ahmed Dasuki

Stake: 0.75%
Worth: N19.35 billion

11. Kari Olutokun Toriola

Stake: 0.005%
Worth: N100.10 million.


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    1. As how. so we should go and destroy MTN offices?

  2. So what are we supposed to do with this information? You want us to go and destroy all MTN properties?

  3. This information is valuable! You just don't know it. I personally have been looking for this info

  4. No news here only hogwash,so who owns shares at pep, and other businesses? Owning majority shares is not a childs play u need to know your story