Friday, October 25, 2019

39 Chinese migrants who died inside Essex lorry could have paid £30,000 to be smuggled into UK

The 39 Chinese migrants who died in the Essex lorry could have paid £30,000 to preying people-smuggling gangs for their nightmare, fatal journey to the UK.

Police were called to the horrific scene at the Grays industrial estate in the early hours of Wednesday morning - before arresting 25-year-old driver, Mo Robinson.

Last night, Essex Police were given more time to quiz Robinson - who friends say collapsed after opening his lorry to reveal the bodies.

Now it is feared the victims may have taken their treacherous 6,000 mile journey after forking out tens of thousands to the notorious Chinese Snakehead gang.

The gang are said to scout streets preying on the vulnerable with the promise of a better life in the West.

They offer victims a "fly-drive" service - which first sees them flown to the Fujian region of China to European location.

There, they are likely to be placed in accommodation before being placed in goods lorries and transported in total darkness and often icy conditions.

With no water, food, ventilation or toilet facilities - their hellish journey can last days, even weeks.