Saturday, October 5, 2019

Africans are confused about s*x – Lorraine Lionheart

Curvy Botswana singer, Lorraine Lionheart, who has performed at different parts of the country, has shared her opinion on how Africans perceive s3x.

Commenting on the notion some people have that Africans are hypocritical when it comes to s3x, she told Saturday Beats,

“I wouldn’t say (Africans are) hypocritical (about s3x). S3x education in Africa is usually limited to biology classes in secondary school and most of us just dive in to the unknown as we grow. As a result of that, the way we express our knowledge and understanding of s3x is to a point forgivable.

Our views about it are so confused and conflicted and it’s because of our struggles to find the balance between cultural or traditional ways and the modern (western) ways. Religion doesn’t help us much when it comes to s3x education.  It even adds more drama to our perspective.”