Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Court seals church over noise pollution in Anambra

A Chief Magistrate Court in Nnewi, Anambra State presided over by Emekwue AC has sealed off one of the new generation churches in the area over noise pollution.

The church leadership which was sued by the Director of Environmental Health Services and the Nnewi North local government area, was also given ten days for relocation.

 In a charge number NMC/10c/2019, the church was prosecuted on two count charges under the public health laws of Anambra state.

 The church was accused of mounting amplifier and five loudspeakers in front of its premises, tuned at a very high pitch, leading to heavy noise pollution and restless night within the neighbourhood.

The prosecution described the situation as ‘prejudicial to man’s health’, which is punishable under section 21 of the public health laws of Anambra state 2006.


  1. People will be looking for God's anger. Serving God is now noise pollution

  2. Has Nigeria created spaces of worship?

  3. Some people passed their boundary

  4. Only God knows those who are serving him.

  5. Africans are slaves to the WhiteMan's religion, we harm ourselves most times all in the name religion.

  6. The church shouldn't be sealed but advice them concern their noise is too much for people around them.