Thursday, October 3, 2019

Deji Adeyanju talks about his soap increasing from N800 to N1700 during APC's regime

Deji Adeyanju has taken a swipe at the Government saying his cleansing bar soap which was sold for N800 during PDP's regime is now N1700 and he believes it's still part of APC's transformation of the Nation.

He shared the photo of the new price with a tweet that read;

''When PDP was busy destroying Nigeria Nigeria in 2015, my soap was N800 but today it’s N1700 under APC that is transforming the country.''


  1. Lol...the price of everything changed

  2. APC should come and carry their sub

  3. He is right
    the suffering inflicted on Nigerians now is out of this world

  4. Na this soap dey make deji fresh. Make i go buy my own