Monday, October 21, 2019

Expect more versions of African Queen from me, Blackface tells Nigerians

Blackface Naija has said there would be more versions of African Queen coming out from him. He made this known to Mobola Sadiq when the reporter asked him why he decided to release his own version of African Queen many years after, saying many Nigerians had thought he would have released a new song instead of revisiting the past.

Balackface then cuts in, telling him to tell Nigerians to be ready to even hear more about Africa Queen from him in different versions -- rap and dancehall! Some questions from the interview below...

Do you feel threatened by the new crop of artistes?

Not at all. I am experienced, and I have vast knowledge about the music industry that the new guys don’t know about.

Is there a message you’re trying to pass across with the new version of your song, African Queen?

The song is dedicated to women all over the world. I decided to do another version of the track to let people know that there are different ways that a song can be rendered. As it is well known, I gave 2face the rights to sing the song but he didn’t give me the appropriate credit. I have got proof to show that I wrote that song. Recall that I also sang the song in one of my albums titled, Jungle Fever.

I don’t see it as a big deal because this is not the first time that two singers would sing a particular song. For example, the song, I’ll Always Love You, was written by Dolly Parton. It was later sung by Whitney Houston.

It doesn’t matter who sings the song– you just have to give credit to the writer, and that’s what many Nigerians fail to understand. Anyway, we are preparing to shoot the video anytime soon because my fans have been asking for it.

Some people felt you should have made a new song instead of revisiting African Queen of many years ago. What’s your reaction to that?

There are still going to be different versions of African Queen– including rap and dancehall. So, they should get ready for that.


  1. Yeye de smell. If u like release 1000 versions of ur African or naija queen, they can never match 2baba's versn. Instead of moving on, keep drawing itself back wiv ur actns. Oniranu

  2. You no go still blow😀Fraustrated igbo smoker