Sunday, October 20, 2019

Ghana police arrest 13 Nigerian s.e.x workers

Police in the Northern Region of Ghana have arrested 13 Nigerian commercial sex workers after a Wednesday dawn swoop.

The suspects have been handed over to the Immigration Service.

The police operation forms part of a general action by the Tamale metropolis to clamp down on activities of commercial sex workers which the assembly says has become a menace.

This is the third time such an operation has been conducted in the area with many of the suspects repatriated after investigations.

The Northern Regional Commander of the Immigration Service, Mr. Edward Kofi Owusu told Citi News that the Service is currently investigating which routes the sex workers entered the country through. “Investigations are ongoing to establish their immigration status. We are very much interested in finding the trends the routs they used, the documents they used to enter the country, how they are living in the country and all that.”


  1. Nigerians why are we like this. Nigeria no reach again

  2. Very soon Ghana will start deporting Nigerians

  3. Enter your comment...Na waohhh!

  4. Enter your comment...That's very bad

  5. that's not very nice

  6. This is the reason why many other countries have hated Nigerians... We always tarnish our images home nd abroad... These ladies should be locked up in life jail for giving us a national disgrace.. Secondly since they have been handed back to ghana immigration service soon they will be repatriated.. But my advise to the concerned public is to make sure that they don't sleep with these ladies.. Or they should be completely tested medically to see if they re free from hiv because it's through such that such diseases re been spread