Thursday, October 17, 2019

Heartbeaking picture shows 5 year-old boy eating dinner off sheet of cardboard in street

A photo of a young Irish boy eating on the side of a street has sparked widespread outrage after being shared by a cafe that helps homeless communities.

The picture shared by The Homeless Street Cafe on Facebook showed the back of a young boy hunched over a piece of cardboard, eating his dinner.

Words from the cafe accompanying the image said: "We are home after another incredibly busy night. I’m exhausted, weary and emotional and should (guiltily) go to bed BUT there is an image burnt in all the teams minds tonight."

"It’s wrong and it’s distressing but this IS happening and it’s only getting worse each week."
“Sam” is 5 and this was him eating a dinner of carbonara tonight on a sheet of cardboard. Can we really accept this?"

The post has sparked an outpouring of empathy for the boy and anger at his situation.

"So hard to see as a mother of 2 little boys my heart is broke looking at this picture," one woman commented.

"I never imagined seeing an image such as this in Dublin," another Facebook user posted.
"I won’t forget it. Thank you for caring AND most importantly your actions."

The post had been shared more than 6,000 times since it was posted last night and had garnered more than a thousand comments.

The Homeless Street Cafe responded to followers' reactions today, thanking everyone for their "overwhelming" responses.

"This post has reached over a quarter of a million people which is amazing and we have over a thousand comments and messages to go through," the post read.
"We are small volunteer group and all our team are back in their day jobs today so please bare with us as we navigate through our next steps (sic)."

The cafe's account confirmed the boy was in emergency accommodation and was attending school.

"His mother is simply trying to access nutritious home cooked meals for him. Most emergency accommodations strictly forbid cooking or food preparation," the explanation read.