Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hushpuppi reacts to Mompha's arrest

Hushpuppi has reacted to the arrest of Bureau De Change big boy, Mompha. Nigerians had stormed his Instagram page to say he was next to be arrested shortly after the new os Mompha;s alleged arrest made the rounds.

While reacting to their bad wish, he took to his insta-story to say all those waiting for bad news would perish.

In a post he shared after that, the Nigerian-Dubai big boy disabled comments. We are not sure when Hushpuppi will decided to start allowing comments again, but for now, comments on his Instagram page have been disabled.

Meanwhile Nigerians are still talking about Mompha's arrest on twitter. Neither Interpol nor EFCC linked to his alleged arrest have released any statement.

Recall just weeks ago, Mompha dashed Jaruma Empire N3m cash as a push gift for welcoming twins. Iyabo Ojo and her daughter were also spoilt by the big boy when they flew into Dubai.


  1. Just observing

  2. Nigeria is the only country where fraudsters flaunt their ill gotten wealth. Husspuppi you are next

    1. Stop hating on this guys man why saying hushpuppi is next abeg let this guys b even if i dont know them personally i can never hate on them i love hushpuppi e no easy sheyb b4 them say him dey leave fake life abeg if that life wey hushpuppi still dey leave na fake pls i want to leave that kind of life too abeg stop hating & let them have a good life dont be too -ve about pple...08151555344

    2. Is he the cause of Poverty in your family....Lmao...

  3. Hand don meet mompha hahaha

  4. Enter your comment...free him free mompha der are not our problem