Monday, October 28, 2019

I paid a price for chasing my career – Toyin Lawani

Toyin Lawani has said she paid a price for where she is today. According to her, she would have given up on her career when one or two men told her to give it up.

“Women are dominating the industry and showing men they can be wives and bosses at the same time. Women should be able to add value to their men and not depend on them for everything they need,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

“To me, it’s so irritating when women ask men for money for hair, for soup , for toiletries etc. You should be able to stand in for your man and support the home without him being around. Women should learn to stand strong and change the narrative, we don’t only belong in the kitchen.

''Over the years, I have had issues with men trying to control me, telling me to let go of my career because I have kids, making me feel like I don’t deserve to chase my dreams.

''What a man can do, a woman can do better. I’m glad I didn’t relent on chasing my dreams. Well, it came at a cost but it’s worth being happy. Any man that loves you will accept you for who you are and support your dreams – kids or no kids. When you are stable, men can’t give you crap but make sure you respect them too. If you let a man feed you, he will starve you,” she added.