Friday, October 18, 2019

Jonathan-led AU observers declare Mozambique elections peaceful, transparent

The African Union has described Mozambique’s October 15 general elections as peaceful and conducted in a transparent manner.

The Union which deployed a team of election experts and short-term observers to the southern African nation’s Presidential, legislative and provincial elections noted that voting stations opened on time, while polling was largely conducted in a calm and peaceful environment throughout the day.

Head of AU Election Observation Mission former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan stated this in Maputo on Thursday while presenting the mission’s preliminary report at a press conference jointly held with many other election observation groups.

He recognised notable improvement in the legal framework and management of the elections, notwithstanding the nation’s political and security challenges

Declaring the process of voting as transparent, Jonathan further noted that in “all the polling stations we visited, polling staff were professional, knowledgeable and diligently followed the opening, voting, closing and counting procedures.”

The mission however observed that diligent application of the procedures made vote counting process cumbersome and slow.

He said: “In view of these findings, our initial conclusions are that the 2019 elections were well administered within an improved legal framework, while the political and security context remains uncertain. The Mission commends the various stakeholders for their invaluable contributions to achieving this milestone so far.”


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