Thursday, October 17, 2019

Kate Middleton suffers embarrassing moment when handshake goes wrong on Royal Tour

The Duchess of Cambridge is normally spot on when it comes to protocol, and her engagements are flawless after almost a decade of practise as a member of the Royal Family.

But she is human after all, so can sometimes fall victim to a bit of a mishap just like the rest of us.

Today was a perfect example of this, when a handshake with a solider on the second day of her Pakistan Royal Tour with Prince William went very, very wrong.

The couple spent the morning at a government-run school in the capital, Islamabad.

As they got out of their Land Rover they were greeted by a uniformed solider, who saluted to William and then shook his hand.

Moments later Kate joined them, but went to shake his hand straight away. He still needed to salute, which resulted in him ignoring his hand to perform the salute before quickly putting his arm down to meet her's.


Kate being Kate, she handed it like a pro and smiled broadly until he had completed the salute and was ready to shake her hand.

The couple had a quick chat with him before heading inside to begin the engagement, the first on their busy schedule for the day.