Friday, October 11, 2019

Kylie Jenner body-shamed on Instagram after sharing an old bikini photo of herself with Stormi

Kylie Jenner's attempt at sharing a sweet throwback picture with her daughter has potentially backfired after the makeup mogul experienced a slew of body-shaming comments from online trolls.

The 22-year-old was feeling sentimental Wednesday and decided to post a series of pictures with Stormi, one, from one year ago with both of them wearing swimsuits while lounging outdoors.

But this sparked a number of commenters to express their disbelief with Kylie's figure, specifically the 'abnormal' proportions of her lower half.

Kylie was pictured lounging on a pool chair in a neon yellow bikini with her daughter Stormi wrapped in her arms.

'About a year ago with my baby,' she wrote in her caption. 'Where does the time go..'

The reality star, whose natural hair is a dark brunette shade, was modelling platinum blonde locks in the throwback pictures, all while showing off her figure.

'No real human should be shaped that way,' one commenter wrote about the bikini pictures.

Other commenters were in agreement that Kylie's body was perplexing, with some mentioning how they thought the mom-of-one had a plastic surgeon on hand to make the enhancements.

'Y'all really stingy with the surgeons info,' a commenter joked.

Another person wrote: 'With all due respect, your hips just looks unnatural. It just doesn't match your body frame. Just saying.'

Other people said the figure looked 'abnormal' and couldn't be 'real' based on the proportions shown in the image.

'Body proportions look absurd but let's just continued not talking about it,' a frustrated fan wrote.