Friday, October 18, 2019

Loving home desperately needed for identical twins doctors said would never walk

some stories just get you teary! From the moment they came into this world 13 weeks premature, identical twin sisters Charlotte and Jessica have been battling against daunting odds.

Fighting to live after being born to a mother who didn’t even realise she was pregnant. Then defying the doctors who said they would never be able to walk and talk.

And now, their biggest struggle of all – to find a forever home with a family who will love them and offer the chance of a happy, fulfilling life.

This National Adoption Week the three-year-olds are just two of over 4,000 children in England patiently waiting for families of their own.

But with twice as many children as adopters, the wait is proving longer for some than others.

Like Charlotte and Jessica, who have special health needs and will need a family that can care for them both together.

At their foster home, with their cute red curls tied up in tiny pony tails and matching baby-pink glasses, it’s hard to tell the sisters apart as they excitedly show off their growing vocabulary.

“Biscuit,” being a universal language of all kids.

Charlotte can get up and toddle around with her toy ice cream cart but Jessica isn’t yet able to stand.

Not that having cerebral palsy has ever stopped Jessica getting exactly what she wants, and the cheeky tot can use commando crawling to devastating effect.

Emma Johnson, family finder for the girls, says: “Jessica is a very determined little girl. She gets to exactly where she needs to go – when least expected!”

Though they look identical, the sisters are chalk and cheese when it comes to food. Charlotte’s a bit fussy but Jessica will happily eat anything put in front of her.

On paper the girls look like a catalogue of medical issues, yet they’re full of fun and as bright as buttons.

They are still in need of a home.