Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Man narrates how OAU lecturer allegedly duped him of N200k in admission scam

A Nigerian photographer, Kolawole Onifoto has narrated his ordeal in the hands of a lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) as #sexforgrades continues to trend. According to Kolawole, he had already stayed at home for 4 years with no admission when his dad heard about a pre-degree course on radio and told him to give it a try. They paid exorbitantly for the form and still paid more money to the lecturer. Long story short, he spent 7 months before discovering his admission was not recognized by the school authority and he was a 'fake student'.

Kola claims the said lecturer allegedly did it to over 50 of them. Sharing his experience on Facebook, he wrote;

My own, a lecturer collected close to 200k from me in 2010 for admission in OAU after spending 7 fake months in pre degree..

Bastard never registered me, I was just attending classes, exam days he will tell me not to go.

Na when pre degree end my eye clear say I don enter one chance..

Points to Note

1. The pre degree stuff was advertised on Radio Lagos, me and my dad was listening and after spending 4 years at home and all, my dad said we should give it a try.

2. Took the form for N40,000 from the office in radio Lagos Office 317.

3. OAU sold the form for N10,000

4. After the exams, man told my dad I didn't pass but he has helped me, that I should come for the pre degree.

5. The pre degree fees was paid to his account directly.

6. My dad had a fatal accident that year and while still treating his broken arm, in that pains he paid for the fees 130,000N

7. Calculate feeding allowance and other expenses in Pre degree school Ipetu Modu for 7 months.

8. We were more than 50 students he did this to.

9. His wife then was the secretary to the VC

10. His name is Fowowe..

He called me January 2016 to beg for forgiveness..

I have not forgiven you o!!!