Thursday, October 17, 2019

Man to sue Buckingham Palace claiming he's rightful heir to the throne

A man is suing Buckingham Palace claiming his ancestors were rightful heirs to the throne - because his gran had an affair with King Edward VIII.

Francois Graftieaux, 73, who has twice requested a DNA sample from the Queen without success, says his family were cut from the Royal bloodline in the early 1900s following the alleged illicit tryst.

He claims his father, Pierre-Edouard, was born out of an affair between the-then Prince of Wales and his granny Marie-Leonie Graftieaux - a French seamstress.

But Francois alleges that Pierre-Edouard never found his way to the throne after the king abdicated, due to pressure from the Royal Family and the British Government.

The retiree, who bears a striking resemblance to Edward, his claimed late grandfather, said that he has "absolutely no interest" in compensation.