Friday, October 4, 2019

Mob kills VIO official after fatal accident

A mob attacked and killed a Vehicle Inspection Officer on Thursday in Niger State, after blaming him for a fatal accident that killed three, the police have said.

The incident occurred at Kanfani Bobi community in Mariga Local Government Area.

The spokesperson for the Niger State Police, Dan-inna, told Premium Times the official was killed inside a police station where he sought refuge.

The station was vandalised as officers fled for their lives.

A witness who asked his identity be protected as he did not want to risk being attacked, told the newspaper that the incident caused confusion in the community and disrupted a weekly market as people abandoned their wares and fled fearing it was an attack gunmen.

He said the lynched official was inspecting motorcycle number plates at a checkpoint when he noticed three young men on a motorcycle without a number plate.

He said the youth refused to stop and the official gave them a chase in an attempt to make an arrest.

The youth, speeding to escape being caught, were crushed by a truck, he said.

The source said in retaliation, a mob gathered and stormed a police station where the inspection official ran to for safety.

The police spokesperson condemned the incident. He said efforts were being made to arrest the perpetrators.

“The Nigerian police are operating based on standard, so far, there’s no arrest and the area is calm,” Mr Dan-inna said.

“Normal activities have resumed, the perpetrators of this heinous crime would be identified and made to face the wrath of the law.”

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  1. Very unfortunate. Both parties are wrong. RIP to all of them