Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Neighbors say they feel unwell as pensioner flashes his pen!s to them every morning for four years

I wonder who would feel well about this mess! A pensioner, 75, with a high sex drive is facing jail after routinely exposing himself to elderly neighbours whenever they opened their window blinds in the morning.

Bernard Condron, who has dementia, would wait in his favourite armchair until his victims had got out of bed and would then leap in front of his French windows and flash them.

One woman said the pensioner would regularly expose himself to her on a daily basis over a two-month period while in a state of arousal.

He would also flash another neighbour from his back garden.

Police were called to speak to Condron about the incidents in a secluded residential street in Salford, Greater Manchester, but he ignored warnings and subsequent court orders and carried on flashing for a period of more than four years.

In a statement, one of the neighbours said: 'This is making me unwell and every day when my husband leaves the house, I am worried about what this man is going to do next.

'I am concerned about my young grandchildren coming to the house. I would be devastated if they were to see this man with no trousers on.'

At Manchester Crown Court, Condron who lives alone in a 1950s semi-detached house, admitted three charges of indecent exposure and breaching a 2015 Sexual Harm Prevention Order which had banned him for five years from being 'visible to any person whilst naked.'

He is currently undergoing hormone treatment to reduce his testosterone levels in a bid to curb his behaviour.


  1. it is old age problem. but while should he not maintain his maturity.? this is strange and spiritual.

  2. this is old age problem.