Friday, October 25, 2019

'No one is holy' Hushpuppi tells people mocking arrested Mompha

Hushpuppi has taking to IG to warn those mocking his former friend, Mompha saying we all at a point go through trials and no one should be mocked during their own dark time.

He also went ahead to pray for everyone going through trials at the moment. He wrote;

''In life, we all at a point will go through trial times, don’t be quick to mock anyone or use anyone’s trial time as tool to chase clout, yours will come and you might not survive it. We all look up to God to guide and get us through these times. I wish and pray for everyone in every part of the world going through a dark time to come out of it and become better people and God be with their families. #GodHealsAllWounds #WishEveryoneGoodAtAllTimes #NoOneIsHoly #Hermes #Balenciaga #Hublot #RollsRoyce #Dubai''


  1. Oh boy wait for your turn. Forget sermon o., That showoff wey una dey always do must continue. if i hear you preach again shior

  2. Very soon it will be your turn.