Saturday, October 19, 2019

Pilot banned for life after allowing Egyptian actor to sit in cockpit

Egypt has banned a pilot for life for allowing celebrity and actor Mohamed Ramadan to sit in the cockpit during a private flight to Saudi Arabia.

The actor and singer posted a video of himself in the co-pilot's seat, holding the controls, as someone else commented he's "driving the plane now".

The co-pilot was also reportedly banned for a year over the incident.

The flight was run by Smart Aviation, whose chief executive resigned his post, officials said.

"After confirming the violations against the Egyptian civil aviation law, we have taken deterrent measures towards the reckless and irresponsible actions [of the pilot]," Egypt's civil aviation ministry said in a statement, reported by Masrawy news.

Aviation safety for Egyptian airliners was paramount, the ministry added.

Mohamed Ramadan, who has more than seven million subscribers on his YouTube channel, posted the video on 13 October to his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Speaking to camera, he says: "In a first of its kind, I will go drive the plane."

The clip cuts to him entering the cockpit, where he sits next to the pilot with his hands on the control wheel.

An unidentified man off camera then says: "I swear to God, Mohamed Ramadan is the one driving the plane now."

Egyptian aviation rules stipulate that passengers are not allowed to enter the cockpit while a flight is in operation.

Some on social media responded angrily to the video, with calls for the actor to be boycotted.