Thursday, October 24, 2019

Pretty Mike shades good girls...

Pretty Mike in a post shading good girls, has asked them to wait till Jesus comes so they could be rewarded. He first started his post, saying he has been hearing girls saying men love only BAD GIRLS, and tried encouraging them by saying, men also love good girls, then ended it with a shade, implying ONLY Jesus can reward them (ROLLS EYES)

As bad as it is, Toyin Lawani, Anita Joseph and few others are hailing him on IG.

''Why do some women believe that guys love and appreciate Bad girls more than the good ones.....I keep hearing that,the Bad bitches are winning.🤣 Thats not a good perspective ooh 😮 We love the good girls too... Good girls cont been good... one day it will pay off “when Jesus comes”, he said sharing the photos above.