Friday, October 18, 2019

Prince William and Kate forced to spend night in hotel after horror flight ordeal

 Prince William and Kate Middleton were forced to spend the night in a hotel after their plane got caught up in a terrifying electrical thunderstorm in Pakistan.

The Duke and Duchess stayed at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore after their plane was forced returned to the city after two aborted landings at Islamabad International Airport.

The RAF Voyager circled the country's capital for around an hour before heading back to its original take-off point 25 minutes away, according to reports. The flight was meant to take about 25 minutes, but the plane was in the air for two hours.

Lightning was also seen crashing around the right wing of the plane as it bumped and rolled around due to the serious turbulence, one eyewitness said.

Prince William confirmed he and his wife Kate were fine following the ordeal.