Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Real-life Barbie fires back at critics who brand her 'plastic' and 'fake', insisting she has never had surgery

A woman who is often called 'fake' and 'plastic' because of her desire to resemble a human Barbie doll has denied ever undergoing plastic surgery so she can look like her idol.

Marcela Iglesias, a real estate investor, has devoted much of her adult life to transforming into a humanized version of the doll. And fittingly, she married a man who has had his own journey in a bid to resemble Ken. 

Los Angeles-based mom-of-one Marcela said her obsession began when her own mom refused to buy her a Barbie when she was growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ironically only furthering her obsession with the toy's aesthetics.

Surrounded by friends who owned Barbie dolls, Marcela became obsessed with the goal of transforming herself into a human Barbie and before she hit puberty, she would stuff her bra and her bum to create the curves of the doll.

Once she hit puberty, her body shape changed and she developed a curvy figure naturally, which helped with her dream of turning into the human doll she craved.

When she was just 14-years-old, she ditched her naturally brunette hair in favor of becoming blond.

Marcela began buying more clothes that matched the look and despite feeling tempted to have procedures to accentuate her figure even more, she was always afraid of going under the knife.
Her hourglass figure has prompted many comments from strangers who have accused her of being 'plastic' and 'fake', but Marcela insists that all she has dabbled with are a Spider Webb bum lift, Botox and lip fillers.

A Spider Webb bum lift involves 100 injections into the buttocks, a process which Marcela previously shared with the media.)

Instead, her look is made up of contact lenses, wigs, makeup and a variety of Barbie-inspired outfits. And her physique, she insists, is a result of working hard at the gym.

'My obsession with Barbie started from a very young age; I always loved how the doll looked and the glamorous appearance she has,' Marcela said.
She met her now-husband of ten years, Steven, and decided to move to California with him, where they had a child.

While living in Los Angeles - where plastic surgery is infamously common - she toyed with the idea of having some work done.

'I always thought of the possibility of breast implants but for some reason after over twenty consultations I still have hesitations about them. So, I put that idea aside.'

She added, 'Living in Hollywood helps a lot because there's a lot of stuff that I can buy to look more like the doll; I achieve my look with contact lenses, wigs, make up and outfits.

'Lots of people accuse me of looking fake but if you know me in person, you'll totally see that my beauty is natural and yes I usually create the look with make-up but that doesn't mean that I am a plastic person,' she said.