Thursday, October 10, 2019

Rihanna calls Donald Trump 'most mentally ill human being in America'

Rihanna is speaking her mind. The singer and actress spoke with Vogue Magazine to discuss her music, business ventures, and politics -- and she did not hold back.

When discussing gun violence in America, Rihanna, 31, expressed her theory that President Trump is so dismissive of mass shootings because they are so often carried out by white men.

“The fact that it’s classified as something different because of the color of their skin? It’s a slap in the face. It’s completely racist,” Rihanna said.

“Put an Arab man with that same weapon in that same Walmart and there is no way that Trump would sit there and address it publicly as a mental health problem," said the singer. "The most mentally ill human being in America right now seems to be the president.”