Saturday, October 5, 2019

Rosy Meurer calls out filmmaker Chukwuma Innocent

Nollywood actress, Rosy Meurer, has called out a movie producer, Ideh Chukwuma Innocent for allegedly duping her during the production of her movie. In a lengthy post on instagram, the actress called out the producer warning him not to let it get more messier than this.

"����� I gave IDEH CHUKWUMA INNOCENT AKA ONESOUL my money to produce for me, he seemed very professional and focused. The way he spoke to me and all the lies he told me made me feel comfortable enough to trust everything into his hands.

''I let him pick the cast, let him use his team, he literally did all the arrangements and I was just like an actor in his film. I didn’t get involved much or question his decisions. He negotiated and paid the cast and crew, I didn’t get involved in that either. I don’t know how much he paid anyone, I was kind enough to make it flexible enough for him to still be able to cut and chop from wherever if he needed to.

''All I did was trust my money and my production into his hands and I expected him to deliver in the end. Okay now, production is over. What’s up? I don’t have my master copy, I don’t have my capital, I don’t have my profit yet everyday my lovely fans, friends and family send me clips excited that they are watching a movie I’m in, only to see that it is MY OWN MOVIE. Zero money. � WHY? This year should be almost 3 years since I’ve been begging this nitwit to pay me what he owes me. If his car didn’t break down, the ATM stopped working when it was his turn or they have not paid him.

''All these platforms I see my movie on, he says 2years counting they all have not paid him. He has been doing empowerment, traveling, doing films, bought a car and so many other things. He sleeps very well at night. Have I not tried?? Has he not killed my experience and dreams to produce movies often. I heard after falling victim that this is who he is, this is what he does and how he survives. SCAM!!!! Nigguh pay me my money! I am not going to take it likely with you. Don’t let it get to a situation where it will be above my power. Please let me know my payment plan! To all my lovely insta fam, producers, directors, actors, film makers, my Nollywood family I beg please help me beg @thisisonesoul to pay me what he owes for peace to reign. � #enoughisenough #paymewhatyouoweme #scamproducer #wickedman #shameonyou"

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