Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Sanwo-Olu not prepared for governance... Lagos PDP spokesperson, Taofik Gani says

The spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State, Mr Taofik Gani, in this interview with Tunde Ajala, shares the position of his party on governance in the state and the condition of roads across the city.

What is the assessment of your party on the state of roads in Lagos State?

The truth of the matter is that Lagos residents must take their destiny into their hands because transiting from this point to the other point lies in their hands. For the sake of clarity, the obvious thing is that we have a group of people governing this state and they are people who do not care. They are so indifferent; the power is so much and they are so arrogant with the power they have that they don’t even care. They will rather focus on the distribution of the state’s internally generated revenue among themselves.

There is no reason why Lagos State should be this backward in terms of infrastructure. As far back as 2013, Lagos was generating a minimum IGR of N55bn (monthly), based on our own research. With the state chairman of our party then, Capt. Tunji Shelle, we went out to do an undercover investigation into the Eko Atlantic and the things we found were shocking. Flood started reaching certain parts of Lagos and other areas because of the land reclamation they were doing. So, it was a serious misplacement of priorities in governance.

Talking about roads, do you know why we have them this bad?

Flooding is a major problem and the major cause of the flooding now is the encroachment on waterways. It’s like an encroachment on nature. Go to Ilubirin and you would see the import of the land reclamation. Now, with little rainfall, there would be flooding, but they don’t care. Unfortunately, we have a situation where there can never be a check because at the local government, state and national level, they all belong to the same party. I just pity Lagosians and that is why I said the only thing that can resolve this is that Lagosians must take up the responsibility themselves. They cannot rely on the state House of Assembly that is completely the subservient to the executive. Unfortunately, Governor Sanwo-Olu is even unprepared for this job and the double jeopardy is that we have a disillusioned House of Assembly that would rather ‘play the game’ than check the governor.

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