Thursday, October 31, 2019

See shocking videos of how a fake beggar was arrested

A man who pretended to have a major wound on his hand just to beg for funds has been nabbed. The man was approached by a group of people, with a woman who seem to lead the team. He was asked what was wrong with him, and said he had a bike accident, and they offered to take him to the hospital.

He refused and when they insisted he agreed to follow them. But his reactions kept telling otherwise, so the lady asked him to remove the bandage to see his wounds. He refused and after so much arguments and as people gathered, he did and lo and behold, he had no injury.

When asked when he stared the 'trade' he admitted he started 5 years ago. Watch the first and second parts of the video below...


  1. They have turned begging to another thing on its own

  2. Wonders shall never end

  3. Wow. Some of these beggars have built houses oh and have cars. Some even use good phones while faking an ailment