Wednesday, October 9, 2019

S.e.x-For-Grades: LASU Dean calls for dismissal of lecturers involved

Prof. Yemi Akinkuotu, Dean, Faculty of Education, Lagos State University, LASU, has called for the dismissal of any lecturer found culpable of involving in ‘sex-for-grades’ in the nation’s tertiary institutions.

Akinkuotu made this call in an interview with PM News, at the Ojo campus of the institution, Lagos.

A Senior Lecturer, Dr. Boniface Igbenegbu of the Faculty of Art, University of Lagos, Akoka, was recently caught on camera in a BBC blew documentary making sexual demands of a student seeking admission into the institution.

According to Akinkuotu, it is discouraging and unfortunate that issues of ‘sex-for-grades’ had become rampant in our tertiary institutions.

The don, however, said the dismissal of any staff involving in ‘sex-for-grades’ or any other immoral acts will wash the system clean.


  1. Mtchews, did he want to say his institution is better

  2. Mr Prof. Yemi Akinkuotu sir, quit d eye service, ur varsity ranks tops in bribery to gain admission to study @both undergraduate and PGD levels. Staffs exploit loopholes and charge innocent entrants which d mngt is well aware of.

    1. Enter your reply...nothing like eye service...let him say what he wishes to say