Tuesday, October 8, 2019

#sexforgrades: Ekiti First Lady breaks silence, says 'I was also a victim'

Ekiti First Lady has also come out in defense of Nigerian female students saying she was also a victim. Mrs Bisi Fayemi, who said she watched the BCC’s documentary on #sexforgrades and it made her recall her own experience says it’s time to speak up and ACT!

“I cried because what this young women have experience is the story of many of us who passed through higher institution in this country,” she said.

“I was educated here in Nigeria and I too was a victim of sexual harassment during my university days. I was luckier than these victims. It didn’t go that far but it was extremely unpleasant and of course back in the days when all these things happened you can’t tell anyone because if you do even up till now people ask you to keep shut.

“You know people don’t talk about things like this. I was watching the documentary and there were three words that came to me, one is voice, it is time to speak up and speak out and for those who do we need to stand with them and stand by them and not silence them because the culture of silence has endured enough.

“Another word that came to me was accountability, we need to be accountable whether there are parents, guidance or teachers or leaders in any form through out the different section of society. We have to be accountable for the well being and health of the young people in our care, from when our children come to say mummy, uncle so so and so touched me and instead of asking further to find out what’s its all about, we should act.

“There has to be accountability and the third thing that came to mind was justice, justice for victim or I choose to call them survivors and so those of us who have worked in the women’s whether at international level or Africa or national air in Nigeria, we know that we have many law and policies in place that are supposed to guard against things such as this but this law sometimes means very little because there is inadequate political" she said.


  1. This one loud gaan

  2. Thank you for fighting for the helpless. She is a different first lady

    Another Dolapo Osinbajo

  3. we all have our story

  4. A friend of mine too left UNILAG for NOUN for this reason

  5. This has been happening long ago

  6. Well spoken ma.it is time to act. The 36 first Ladies of the States plus the wife of the President can actually spearhead this move. Not just against lecturers, but also against employers of labour who demand for sex either before employing workers or before promoting them.it is all over the place.