Friday, October 11, 2019

Single bubbling lady takes her own life after her married lover rekindled love with his wife

A heartbroken events planner took her own life after a married man ended their affair, an inquest heard.

Emily Henthorn, 25, had hoped to move in with Andrew Hardman and they had gone house-hunting together during their five-month affair.

But he ended the relationship after he confessed to his wife and the married couple agreed to stay together and save their marriage.

Devastated Miss Henthorn told Mr Hardman "if I can't live with you, I can't live without you" and even asked if she and his wife could "share him".

Just days later on May 7 this year, Miss Henthorn, from Leigh, Greater Manchester, was found dead in bed by her father, the inquest heard.

Inquiries revealed she had left several suicide notes for her family.

Miss Henthorn, described as having an "outgoing, attractive, vivacious personality", had studied maths at Manchester University.

She dropped out and worked in the compliance department for Bolton Council as well as holding a part time job as events co-ordinator at Leigh Masonic Hall, the hearing was told.

She met the married man in October last year and it is thought the pair began an affair in January.

During the relationship they began house-hunting together and saw several properties.

Mr Hardman told the Bolton inquest: "At first we were nothing more than acquaintances or friends but a short time later friendship turned into a relationship and that relationship carried on for about five months.

"There had been an intention to live together and on April 27 I told my wife about the relationship.

"But following a discussion with her we decided to resurrect our relationship and I ended the relationship with Emily.

"I saw when she was working at the hall but she said words to the effect of 'if I can't live with you I can't live without you'.

"I tried to calm her by saying 'you didn't want to do anything silly' and persuaded her she had a life to live.

"But when I spoke to her on Saturday, May 2, by phone she said 'without you my life is not worth living' and repeated it.

"She seemed very calm but I was concerned about her and I rang her dad to say I was concerned.

"I also rang mental health services and the police and phoned Samaritans as well and left a message.

"Spoke to her again on that day. Her phone rang my phone and police were at Emily's house and she was fine and she said 'everything's okay'.

"She said her dog was not eating and suggested I come round but I didn't go to the address."

He said he then got a text message from Miss Henthorn asking whether his wife would "share" him with her.

He added: "I did respond. I can't remember what I said but it was a ridiculous question to ask. I said I would ring her back I did ring her back but she didn't answer.

"On the Sunday I sent a number of messages asking how she was but got no response.

"The next contact I had when her dad phoned me up on the Saturday to say she had died."


  1. she just wasted her life

  2. On top a married man? shioor

  3. U shouln't cheat and make sure wank than to break someones heart- don't go into thé reelationship at all if it's not heartily what u want.

  4. I blame the man for ending the relationship immaturely but he is alive today!Killing yourself is not and will never be an option. You are younger, full of life, had a career and more attractive. come on!