Saturday, October 19, 2019

Sunny Nneji reveals he was introduced to his wife

Sunny Nneji has revealed he was introduced to his wife and it was love at first sight. He made the revelation in a chat with Saturday Beats saying, she was working at one of the biggest banks in the country when they were introduced to each other and within a year, they dated, and got married.

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How did you meet your wife?

I met her at her place of work. She was working at one of the big banks in the country at the time. That was the bank I was using. Someone introduced us to each other and from there; things proceeded too fast and quickly. Before that time, marriage was the last thing on my mind. But immediately I met her, I began to consider marriage quickly and at a fast speed. That was one of the shortest courtships I ever had.

How long were you in courtship?

Everything took place within a year. From courtship to marriage, it took place within a year.

What attributes attracted you in her?

Every man wants to marry a good lady, someone who can be a good mother to the children because you are thinking of the family. Everybody wants to marry someone who is a friend and confidant, reliable and trustworthy. Everybody wants to marry someone who is a pillar, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. These were the things I saw in her that made me say that I would marry her.

Did you have a dramatic proposal?

No, my proposal was more like a joke. Immediately we were introduced, I asked her if she would marry me.

Is it true that ‘Oruka ti Dowo Na’ song is for your wife?

When we got married, I had not recorded ‘Oruka ti Dowo Na’ but that was what inspired it. I was wondering how come we don’t have a wedding song. The more I thought how about it, the more the inspiration came and that was what gave birth to the song.

What lessons have you learnt from the marriage?

Marriage is a journey; it’s a long road of trials, love, affection, happiness and challenges. But it is an interesting road that everybody who is on the line of marriage will thread.

I believe if you do not walk this road, you might at the end of the day have this sense of ‘unfulfillment’ This is my opinion. It is one of the things you need to go through in life and say yes you did and you gave it your best shot. What I have learnt is that in marriage you have to be patient and considerate. Look at things not just from your perspective but from your partner’s as well. Do not hold a grudge, learn to let go. If you have a slight disagreement, try to settle it immediately

Do not let it degenerate, address it and don’t start referring to it in future. It is also a decision on the part of the two parties to make it work, accept that this is your partner and go through life together.

Did you have an elaborate or quiet wedding?

My wedding was a quiet one, only a few people were there. The chairman of my wedding was Chief Segun Odegbami, the MC was my friend; Ali Baba and another friend played at the wedding. It was a small wedding held at Ikeja.

What is your advice to singles trying to marry?

If you want to marry, I think the right thing is for you to be sincere and true about it. If you both are true and sincere, then you won’t have a problem. Ask yourself; why do you want to marry this person, do you like this person enough to want to be married to the person. Be truthful and sincere about it.’