Thursday, October 31, 2019

Teen murders girlfriend and unborn baby after she refused abortion

A 16-year-old murdered his girlfriend and their unborn baby after she refused an abortion.

Aaron Trejo plunged a knife into the heart of pregnant Breana Rouhselang, 17, after discovering she was six-months pregnant and passed the mark for a legal abortion.

Trejo admitted to police he had planned the murder for a week before launching his sick attack.

He told police he stabbed her in the heart thinking it would kill her quickly, before dumping her body in a bin behind a restaurant in Mishawaka, Indiana.

He then walked to a river and threw her phone and the knife far out into the water.

An autopsy confirmed Breana died from multiple stab wounds, that her scarf had been tied so tightly that strangulation was occurring before Breana died, and that she was pregnant.

He told police: ‘I took action…I took her life,’ according to ABC57 .

Trejo and Breana were both students at Mishawaka High School, where she was a cheer leader and played softball.

Trejo pleaded guilty to Breana's murder and feticide before a court on Wednesday.

Breana's heartbroken parents said they had no idea their daughter was pregnant.

Trejo pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal that will not see him face further charges.

He will be imprisoned for between 45 and 65 years for Breana's murder and between three and 16 years for the feticide charge.

Trejo is due to be sentenced on January 7.