Thursday, October 10, 2019

The cake angle: What I ordered vs what I got

Peacocks are known for their beauty and elegance - but that was the exact opposite of what one bride got when she ordered a bird-themed wedding cake for her special day, and ended up with an avian atrocity.

Georgia-based bride Rena Davis, 52, enlisted a local baker in the town of Griffin to recreate a whimsical peacock cake design she had seen online.

The night before the wedding, Rena was left in floods of tears when the unscrupulous baker showed up on her doorstep with a monstrous-looking cake that looked far from the original request.

Instead of the peacock with a swirling tail that flowed over adjoining cupcakes, the woman was left with what was later deemed, 'a turkey with leprosy'.

A close friend of devastated Rena took to Facebook to name and shame, warning others about the 'imposter that is trying to be a qualified cake decorator'.

Annette's post went viral when shared on social media, racking up 8,000 shares and thousands of bemused comments comparing it to everything from a 'dead pigeon' to 'something a child would make'.

'That has got to be the ugliest cake I’ve ever seen! As bad as it looks I almost want to throw up on thinking about how it tastes,' one woman said.
'Omg the first ever cake I made when I was [seven] was 100 [per cent] better then that. I would hit the baker with that cake if I was the bride,' said another.

'That [is] absolutely pitiful! I've been a Cake Decorator for over 20 years and I've taught classes at a local Jr. College and I believe my students could've done better.

'I'm so sorry for the bride. Weddings are so stressful and the cake is so important. Please always check references. It makes me sad for their special day,' one woman offered in support.

Some people fired back that the bride shouldn't have expected 'high quality' work for $300.

'Okay, that cake almost made me sick. See some things you can't low ball and a wedding cake is one of those things,' one user said.