Sunday, October 27, 2019

Trans woman tried to sue beauticians for refusing to wax her testicles

A transgender woman tried and failed to sue beauticians who refused to wax her testicles.

Jessica Yaniv, 32, accused 13 waxing salons of discrimination last year because they wouldn’t trim her pubic hair and leave her with a neat line. She identifies as a woman but still has a penis and testicles, body parts the businesses said they did not offer services for.

The waxers said they were either untrained in the art of scrotum shaving or that they should not be forced to touch male genitals if they did not want to. Other estheticians said they refused to carry out the treatment for religious reasons.

Yaniv sought 15,000 Canadian dollars from each case, but the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ruled in favour of the salons because they didn’t advertise waxes for male genitalia.

Tribunal member Devyn Cousineau, wrote: ‘In the genital waxing cases, I find that scrotum waxing was not a service customarily provided by the respondents. ‘As such, they did not deny Ms Yaniv a service and did not discriminate against her.’

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