Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Video: Old men filmed watching p*rn in Lagos bus

A twitter user has shared a video of men he described to be in their 50s watching p*rn in a commercial bus in Lagos. The bus was going from CMS to Ajah.

The social media user said the men were seated in front of the bus and 'enjoyed' their trip with p*rn clips. See the video below...


  1. Mind your business
    you no get work than to be filming them without their consent am sure people like you do worst

  2. The world is upside down now. What will they say if they find porn on their children's phones

    1. Porn not for children, hence the name adult rated content.

  3. Good thing he is a grown man and not a child, I dont think that's a crime. Mind your business or watch with him or simply tell him he should watch it when he gets home