Wednesday, November 6, 2019

17 year-old girl dies after being 'r.a.p.e.d by group of boys at house party'

A teenager died after she was allegedly r.a.p.e.d by a group of boys at a house party.

Jhoselin Monica Calani, 17, attended the gathering at a friend's house on October 16. She is believed to have collapsed during the celebrations.

It is believed she was then brutally raped by the group in Oruro, Bolivia. When she woke, Jhoselin complained of soreness in her hips and struggled to stand.

She was dashed to hospital but died there two weeks later.

Her grief-stricken mum now wants the four teenage boys arrested on suspicion of her rape to be prosecuted for murder or femicide.

“I want to tell you those guys cannot go out, justice must be carried out, they must pay for what they did, they should not be punished with a minor penalty,” she said.

Police continue to investigate the tragedy, and are questioning the suspects, each aged 16 or 17.

Alcohol was served at the party, officers say.

But they are exploring whether other drugs were also present.

Orlando Zapata, the Oruro department attorney, said Jhoselin “did not remember what happened, she felt very cold and presented a strong pain in the hips”.

Hundreds gathered to mourn Jhoselin at her funeral last week.


  1. They will never know peace in their life

  2. She was underage why did she consume alcohol

  3. Bloody rapists. Justice must be served

  4. you harvest what you sow

    1. This can happen to ur child. u bloody devil

    2. This can happen to ur child. u bloody devil

  5. what happened to this girl is saddened and I sincerely sympathize with the parents. but assuming she did not go to that useless party there are chances that she would still be alive now. what am I driving at, "PARENTS TRAIN YOUR CHILDREN!!! AS MUCH AS YOU SHOW LOVE TO THEM LET THEM ALSO GET THOSE TOUGH TRAININGS ITS FOR THEIR OWN GOOD AND YOUR OWN REST.

  6. So sad she died at a tender age.

  7. Enter your comment...parents are also to blame for losing guard on her for the permission they granted her to participate in such a party,they should have been more careful with the level of freedom granted her,knowing full well that she was a very you g female child,May God help console the family