Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Ariana Grande unveils her natural hair and her fans are freaking out

Ariana Grande has not always been a straight-haired brunette and when a video was posted of her showing off her natural hair, pandemonium followed.

The 26-year-old singer has spoken previously about her troubles regarding her hair and ensuring that it is performance ready but fans were more than taken with the natural look.

Ariana is usually seen with her hair extensions, which give her the 'signature' waist-length ponytail that is makes up a main part of her image.

So, there was much shock and surprise when the video on social media showed Ariana without her long hair and she runs her fingers through dark, fuzzy locks.

The 'thank u, next' singer had shared a throwback snap earlier this year, in which she is seen as a toddler with curly hair and this is the first time that many fans have seen those curls for real.

The Grammy-award winning singer is seen in the video showing off the natural texture of her hair and it is fair to say that her fans have gone wild commenting at what they have witnessed.

One fan screamed in the comments: “I LOVE YOUR NATURAL HAIR SO MUCH!! PLS WEAR IT LIKE THAT OFTEN @ArianaGrande"

Another fan tweeted: "you [sic] hair is insane. when will we see you on stage w it? @ArianaGrande”

A third was taken by what they saw a demanded: "KEEP UR HAIR LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME ISS HELLA CUTE”

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  1. Keep what. Mschew maintaining a natural hair is difficult