Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Bobrisky will be incurably sick if he doesn't change his ways, Rivers Prophetess warns

A Rivers state Prophetess, Dr Blessing Chidinma Prince has warned Bobrisky to change his ways, claiming she has a message from God for him. According to her, if Bobrisky does not change his ways, he will be visited with an incurable sickness. The prophetess made this known on Facebook, warning her prophecy on Buhari winning the election came to pass, and so people that knows Bob should take this seriously!

As she posted on Facebook;

''Prophecy! Prophecy!! Prophecy!!! That was how I got a message from God during the 2018 election, many hated me because of that, but at last it came to pass. Any person that can reach Bobrisky should tell him the Lord is asking him to repent and change from his abominable ways, else sooner than later he would be incurablly sick. Thus says the Lord from Prophetess Dr Blessing Chidinma Prince, Mummy B Oyigbo Rivers State Nigeria ( 08033136832 )

The prophetess NL moniker: MummyBOyigbo''


  1. Abeg ma. Without any prophecy we know this is how bobriksy will end

  2. his already sick within and without!

  3. Enter your comment...Bobrisky please give your life to Christ and change from your ways and embrace Christ. All that glitter is not gold. There is time for everything and judgment day follows.

  4. I guess she she can only talk about people in the public eye. The way bob is living his life, we doubt he wont fall sick soon especially with the extreme bleaching

  5. He is already sick. Soon everybody will know