Saturday, November 16, 2019

Bride-to-be leaves people horrified by 'disease-ridden nails' in ring photo

A bride-to-be has left people horrified by the state of her "disease-ridden bacteria-filled" nails after sharing a ring photo.

The picture shows a silver ring with a huge diamond in the middle as well as other smaller diamonds around the twisted band.

But people seemed disinterested in the ring and instead appeared to be distracted by what was 'living under' her nails.

One said they looked like they were filled with bacteria, claiming the photo had made her sick in her mouth, The Sun reports.

It's thought the photo was sent to a friend who posted it on Facebook .

One harsh critic said: "I threw up in my mouth when I saw those hideous disease-ridden, bacteria-filled nails."

Another wrote: "Why people just why? Your eyes can't see that nail bacterial smorgasbord as you posted that atrocious ring.

"Bleach and toothbrush RIGHT NOW."

The criticism continued, with one saying: "Ew to the ring and what is living under her nail."