Friday, November 15, 2019

Couple cancel wedding after home is ruined with flood

A couple had to cancel their wedding and honeymoon after their home was flooded.

Claire Ulyett, 40, and Lorna Ulyett, 39, from Bentley in Doncaster, were due to get married this Spring.

But they had to forget their dream day after being hit by the floods.

Water destroyed their ground floor after it came seeping through the air bricks before they received sandbags.

Despite their own ordeal the couple have been concentrating on helping local residents and the elderly since the floods arrived.

“I've lived here 18 years and was flooded in 2007. We have only been insured for six months,” Claire said.

She said before that quotes for insurance with flood cover were “way out of my budget”.

One claim after the first floods she said was an extraordinary £10,000 but mostly she was quoted between £2,000 and £3,000.

“At the moment we are living upstairs because the insurance company say it's habitable. They won't take action until the danger has passed.

“It's stopped our marriage, we'd paid the deposit for a lodge in Derbyshire for the honeymoon but for now but there are people worse off than us.”