Thursday, November 28, 2019

Couple kept son in 'tiny cat box' and 'tortured him to death with boiling water'

A couple who allegedly kept their five-year-old son locked in a tiny cat box have been accused of torturing and killing him with scalding water.

Ridzuan Mega Abdul Rahman and his wife Azlin Arujunah, both 27, deny claims they abused and murdered the youngster, who collapsed and died from scald injuries.

A week before his death, in October 2016, it is claimed they splashed 92.6C boiling water on him at least four times.

They also allegedly pinched him with a pair of pliers, hit him with a broom and kept him confined to a pet cage during months of abuse.

A court heard he suffered severe burns across 70 per cent of his body, among other injuries, and the couple allegedly delayed sending him to the hospital for six hours.

"This is a murder as horrific as it is tragic," said the prosecution team in their opening statement on the first day of the trial on November 12.

"Leaving aside the physical abuse he suffered, one cannot imagine the pain and torment the deceased must have endured in the months leading up to his death. He was tortured to his death, and had no one to turn to."

Ridzuan is also accused of using a heated spoon to burn the boy's palm to punish his "thieving hands" for opening tins of milk powder meant for his siblings.

The pair from Singapore today declined to give evidence during their trial.

Azlin told the court in English: "I do not wish to testify, Your Honour."

In police statements the couple admitted acts of abuse, reports The Straits Times.
Professor Loh Tsee Foong, from the hospital where the boy was treated, said: "The child passed away very quickly, and the nurses were very distressed.

"The hospital had to counsel and give some support to the nurses because they became very emotional, they couldn't believe that this could happen to a child."

He added that the boy - who cannot be named for legal reasons -  had second to third degree burns, acute kidney injuries, dehydration, a broken nose, cuts on his face and isolated speech delay.


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