Saturday, November 2, 2019

How 9ice exposed Mompha, Hushpuppi, Baddy Osha, others to EFCC

9ice might have unknowingly exposed, Mompha, Hushpuppi Baddy Osha to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission without knowing.

Recall one of them was picked up last month by EFCC and still in their custody?

A twitter user, @onlydotcom has now called the attention of EFCC to 9ice's song -- Living Things, which was released in 2016 saying, the commission should sit and listen to the song and investigate everyone mentioned.

The commission however says it is ready to go after them, but will need a petition in order to commence a probe against the social media celebrities.

The Twitter user, @onlydotcom had said;  “EFCC, sit down and listen to the song, Living Things, by 9ice and do your work with the fear of God. Nigeria will be better for it.”

The commission then responded; “Do you mean that (song) could be a petition? Not enough anyway.
However, the Eagle still requests a written statement to support any allegation that has been made.”


  1. 9ice was after his pocket not expose them

  2. Wirewire no be work

  3. Everyone mentioned on that track should be investigated. The song was sang for yahoo boys that was why it was banned