Friday, November 8, 2019

Kaduna: Resident doctors issue 21-day strike notice

The Association of Resident Doctors has issued a 21-day strike notice to Kaduna State Government to implement agreements it reached with the association two years ago.

The President of the association, Dr. Emmanuel Joseph, said at a Press briefing on Thursday in Kaduna that the strike notice was issued on November 6.

He said the medical doctors would resume their suspended strike if, after the ultimatum, the government fails to implement the Memorandum of Understanding it signed with the association.

Joseph noted that since the agreement, the ARD has patiently and painstakingly continued to engage the government for the implementation of the agreed terms.

He, however, said the association was “rudely shocked by the content of the establishment circular of the 27th September, 2019, which is in breach to our MOU and indeed shortchanges doctors in salaries and allowances to the tune 26-49 per cent across grades and steps.”

According to the ARD president, the Kaduna state government has only “partially” attended to only two out of eight issues contained in the MOU after two years of the agreement.

“It is our earnest hope that the 21 days given will provide ample time for the government to rectify the anomalies in the new circular, to keep with the terms of our MOU and to meet up with other mutually terms of the MOU,” Joseph said.