Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Katie Hopkins mocks Nigerians over Balogun fire

British media personality and columnist, Katie Hopkins has mocked Nigerians. She mocked Nigerians over a viral video that showed a security guard’s futile effort of trying to put out the fire at Balogun market building yesterday with bowls of water.

Katie Hopkins took to her social media page to react to the viral video with a caption that shames Nigeria.

She wrote: “Next time you want to criticise our fantastic British firefighters, be glad you aren’t Nigeria.”


  1. To me she didn't mock us. I only see somebody telling us the bitter truth and being proud of their working system hence her comments. How can a sovereign country who had celebrated 59yrs of independence, claimed to be Africa's giant, boast of crude oil, who has one of the highest paid lawmakers/politicians in the world and with great men of intellect could have a system so poor and unimaginably crude like people in the stone age? I am not surprised after all this is a country where illiterates have access to high positions meant for academias and people high IQs and they are served and celebrated by highly intelligent/educated people, it's saddened. I hope what she said will ginger a true change of heart towards some basic working system in every average country.

  2. We caused it. Why did Nigerians make the video trend

    1. and I thought u had something more reasonable to add.. blame trending videos instead of blaming a failed system


  3. @anonymous this is one of the BIG reasons Nigeria as country may not progress as it ought to.. what has trending videos got to do with getting our system working correctly? if we have fire brigades there with modern equipment,people will still cover or records and trend with it but itwould have been different story from what we are hearing now. aren't you getting it yet! Even with timely response the fire outbreak would have been curbed earlier with lesser losses.

    ok for example if you video record policeman on duty collecting bribes on their duty post and they happened to get that you were recording their illegal work they will arrest you collect your phone or even kill the person but if they were doing their job rightfully and legally the video will not spark any fear in them. As am typing now in All advance countries police and law enforcement agencies on operations have what we called body cameras they record their respective activities themselves for verification and proof sake in order to have a good working system. God will help us to understand one day sha!